Mastercard Benefits

Are you taking advantage of all of these benefits from Mastercard?

The free debit card you get with your Ascend Checking can do so much more than just help you make purchases. 

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Cell Phone Protection

When you pay for your cell phone bill with your P1FCU Debit Mastercard, you qualify for cell phone insurance.
  • Coverage for all phones on the plan
  • Up to $600 per claim, with a $200 deductible
  • Coverage of up to $1,000 over 12 months*
*Coverage is limited to two claims per 12 month period. Read full terms and conditions here.

Identity Theft Protection

Mastercard provides complementary identity theft protection to all card holders.

  • Receive alerts of potential identity theft
  • Monthly risk newsletter
  • Resolution services, lost wallet assistance, single bureau credit monitoring, financial account take over monitoring, and URL and domain monitoring

Mobile Wallet and Contactless Payments

Pay the easy way with contactless payments and by adding your card to your Mobile Wallet. Contactless payments are secure, quick, and simple.

Contactless Payments

  • More secure than swiping your card
  • Similar to a chip transaction, it generates a unique one time code at the terminal every time your card is used
  • Does not require your PIN, making checkout quick and easy

Mobile Wallet

  • Built in features on your phone like Apple Wallet, Samsung Wallet, or Google Wallet allow you to add your debit card to your phone
  • You can use your Mobile Wallet in person at contactless terminals to make contactless purchases
  • You can also make purchases online using your Mobile Wallet
  • Your Mobile Wallet does not store your actual card information
  • Your card is as secure as your phone is
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