Person handing over P1FCU debit card

Debit Mastercard

Your P1FCU Debit Mastercard

Fast and Secure Access to Your Funds

Your P1FCU Debit Mastercard gives you fast and secure access to your funds for everyday and special purchases—along with the convenience and protection you deserve.  We have a variety of unique designs to fit your personality.


P1FCU Custom Card
Explore Constellation P1FCU card
American Flag P1FCU card
Dogwood flowers P1FCU card
Golf Course P1FCU card
P1FCU Lighthouse card

Let's start saving.

Save Your Change ​is a great way to start saving without having to completely rethink your budget.  Once you have enrolled, your debit card purchases will round up to the next even dollar, and the difference will be deposited into your chosen savings account. It also makes balancing your accounts much easier, since each transaction comes to an even amount. Many P1FCU members already enrolled in this program have saved hundreds of dollars!

Stop by your local branch or give us a call to get enrolled.

  • Swipe your debit Mastercard® to pay for your purchase.
  • Save Your Change will round your purchase up to the next dollar - Your coffee at $4.75, will round up to $5.00
  • At the end of the day, the rounded totals from each transaction are combined and transferred to your designated savings account.

With your P1FCU Debit Mastercard, you’ll be able to access your money and use your card anywhere Debit Mastercard® is accepted around the globe—in stores, online, or by phone. You can also track your purchases with your statement for better financial control than cash.

A Consumer Enhanced Debit Mastercard® is a safer, more secure way to pay. 

Card Benefits

Activation/PIN Change - 877-205-1116

Report Lost/Stolen - 833-933-1681

Dispute hotline - 866-279-1399

Design guide

Choose a Design That Fits Your Style

We have a variety of unique designs to choose from. Use the toggle below to filter by theme.


Explore Constellation P1FCU card
Golf Course P1FCU card
American Flag P1FCU card
P1FCU Custom Card
P1FCU Pacific Northwest Original card
Dogwood flowers P1FCU card
P1FCU Lighthouse card

School Spirit

Clarkston Bantams P1FCU card
Lewiston Bengals P1FCU card
Orofino Maniacs P1FCU card
CDA Vikings P1FCU card
debit card with kellogg high school logo
debit card with wallace high school logo

For a Cause

First Responder Debit Card.