Person holding diploma in graduation gown

Scholarship Program

We're proud to support tomorrow's leaders.

High achievers deserve to be recognized.

Making the grade on tests and term papers is impressive. We also love to hear about top students finding time to volunteer in their communities and getting involved in clubs, sports and other school activities. We annually reward a number of these all-around performers with $1,000 scholarships.

  • This year, we awarded scholarships to 15 members of the graduating high school Class of 2021.
  • Winners of the P1FCU Scholarship Program are chosen by a committee that carefully assesses each individual’s academic performance, school involvement, and community commitment.
  • Thank you to all who applied for one of our scholarships. We invite members of the Class of 2022 to apply for awards when we begin accepting applications in early 2022.

Molly Balison

Sandpoint High School

Amya Dahl

Clarkston High School

Claire Fletcher 

Deary High School

Mackenzie Hammond

St. Maries High School

Aidan Headley

Post Falls High School

Hayden Hogamier

Wallace High School

Rylan Hogan 

Kendrick High School

Emma Jones

Lewiston High School

R. Jayden Martin

St. Maries High School

Sydney McRoberts 

Lewiston High School

Camila Mendvil-Bernal

Brewster High School

Laura Moler

Post Falls High School

Jolee Nicholas

Clarkston High School

Coltin Pope

Genesee High School

Zach Thummel

Asotin High School
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