Let's keep connected! Verify your contact information is up to date.

Ensure important information reaches you.

Having accurate information allows us to keep you informed on important updates regarding your account.
Keep your account secure.
Proactively keeping your contact information up to date will prevent fraudsters from gaining access to your account.

Have you moved recently?

Or did you get a new cell phone number? Make sure your account information isn't being sent to the person with your new number or address.

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You can easily update your contact information in your Online and Mobile Banking. 


When was the last time you made sure your contact information was up to date? It's easy to update your contact information in our Online and Mobile Banking. 

  1. Log in to your Online and Mobile Banking and select Menu
  2. Select Services and Update Contact Information from the dropdown menu.
  3. In the new screen, select Manage Addresses and Contacts which will pull up the contact information associated with your account.
  4. To update your contact information, click on the three dots next to the contact you need to update and select Update Contact. 
  5. Update your contact information as needed and select Next
  6. Double-check your contact information on the next screen to ensure everything is correct. This is also where you'll indicate which account owner this information applies to, if you have multiple signers on your account. Once that is done, click Submit