Keep your P1FCU Debit Mastercard information up to date for online purchases.

Where do you spend money online?  Amazon, Netflix, iTunes, or Stitch Fix?*  With CardSwap, P1FCU lets you update your debit card information for your favorite subscriptions or digital retailers.  Get a new card?  No worries, it's easy to update your payment information from just one place. 

To learn how to set up CardSwap inside of Online or Mobile Banking, click here, and to see a full list of included retailers, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why am I receiving an error message when adding a new payment method?
End users will receive an error message if they are entering an incorrect card number, expiration date, zip code or CVV. Have the end user double check that you are entering correct card information.  If an end user is attempting to add a payment method from a different financial institution, and you’ve restricted cards to only your debit/credit cards, end users will receive an error message instructing them to enter in your card.

2. How long does it take for my card to be swapped on a biller site?
It may take up to 24 hours. However, in most cases, the card swap happens immediately. It may take longer if the provider website is down or we encounter an issue with the swap during the first attempt.

3. Why do I receive email confirmation that a new payment method is on file for some providers, but not others?
Whether or not you receive a confirmation email from a provider is dependent on the provider and the provider’s process for notifying customers of changes on their account. Q2 has no control over direct provider notifications to end users.

4. What does a yellow (!) next to a provider mean?
The (!) next to a provider means the provider is temporarily down for maintenance. The end user is instructed to check back later if they wish to attempt to swap out their card. The (!) may also mean that there is an issue with the end user’s account. If the end user clicks on the provider with an (!) they will receive information regarding the problem with their provider account and instructions on how to resolve the issue. Clicking on the provider will always provide messaging to the end user.

5. Why did I receive a notification that my iTunes account is being accessed from Virginia?
End users may receive notification from some providers that their account is being accessed from a location different from where they are located. This is caused by providers detecting a login from our servers rather than the end users locations. In order to perform the swap, our system will need to access the end user’s account.

6. Why did I receive a notification that my account was accessed from an unknown device?
End users may receive notification from some providers that their account is being accessed from an unknown device. This may occur is the end user has selected “remember me” upon login and the provider registers their device. If the CardSwap system accesses an account with these settings in place, the provider may notify the user since our system is different than what the end user typically uses to access their account.

7. Why do some providers require me to enter a security code?
Authentication requirements differ by provider. Some providers require a security question or code in order to access an account. If the provider requires the end user to enter a security question or code outside of CardSwap, the end user will also be required to enter your security question or code inside of CardSwap.

Invalid Debit Card Messages

The following are potential errors that can occur when a user adds their debit card.

1. The card number field is invalid – The card number entered was incorrect. The user will need to re-enter the card number.

2. Please use a P1FCU Debit Mastercard - The card needs to be a P1FCU Debit Mastercard. Cards from any other issuer will NOT be accepted.

3. Please correct the errors and try again – If a user enters an invalid expiration date, CVV code or zip code the card will not validate. The end user will need to re-enter their card information.

4. The card is already linked to your account – The card the member is attempting to add into CardSwap was already added. If the member would prefer a different P1FCU Debit Mastercard to be on file with their selected providers they can add the new card into CardSwap.

*None of the listed companies are associated with, sponsor, or endorse this product.