Scout is here to help you.

She learns more and more every day!

Scout is our phone and virtual assistant, here to take your calls and chats 24/7. Here are some helpful tips for next time you call and talk to Scout:

  • Speak slowly and avoid using speakerphone when possible.
  • Scout can provide you with information about your account and perform simple transfers for primary account owners using Voice Banking.
  • At this time Scout is unable to access joint owner accounts. We recommend joint owners use Video BankingOnline or Mobile Banking, or request a Representative when speaking with Scout through our chat or over the phone to access your account.

Scout can help you with your account through Voice Banking.

Scout can help primary account holders access their account information through Voice Banking. If you've never accessed this information through our automated system over the phone before, she'll help you set it up and ask you to set a PIN.

Setting up Voice Banking

When you set up Voice Banking, Scout will need to make sure that you're you before she starts accessing your account information. She'll ask you to provide your member number, last four of your social security number, and zip code in order to set up your Voice Banking profile.

Once she's confirmed that she has accessed your account, she'll ask you to set a PIN. This PIN is different from your debit card's PIN and is unique to your Voice Banking profile. Once your PIN is set, she'll have you log in again, and you'll be able to access your account information. 

How Scout can help you through Voice Banking

Scout can help you check your account balance, check your most recent transactions, make your loan payment, and make transfers between your accounts. 


Have you used Online and Mobile Banking?

You can also easily manage your accounts, check balances, deposit checks, make transfers, and chat with representatives through our Online and Mobile Banking! Have you checked out our Mobile Banking tutorials on our Youtube channel yet? They walk you through how to use a lot of the great features we have in Online and Mobile Banking.

You can download our Mobile Banking app in the App Store and Google Play Store.

Use commands like Slow Down, Repeat, Speak Faster, Main Menu, and Cancel when speaking with Scout to communicate with her better.
Be sure to keep your requests short and sweet. She will understand simple questions and sentences better. For example, you'll have more success with "Activate my debit card" than with "I just received my debit card in the mail and need to activate it."

Scout is also an excellent switchboard operator and can help direct you toward the team member you need to speak to:

  • If you know who you would to speak to, say "extension" or press 1. You can tell her the name of the person you would like to speak to or their extension. 
  • If you tell her you would like to apply for a loan or open an account she can connect you with a loan officer or new accounts representative directly. 
  • The same goes for if you have questions about your mortgage, business account, or more, she can direct you to the appropriate team at the credit union!

Why does Scout keep interrupting me?
Scout might be picking up on some background noise, try to go to a quieter area or use a bluetooth headset to speak to Scout instead.
We also suggest you let Scout finish what she is saying before speaking, this will prevent confusion.

Why is Scout talking about something I didn't ask her about?
Scout might have picked up on some background noise. Try saying the words "Main Menu" and she will start back at the beginning.

Is Scout replacing real people?
Scout is not replacing any real people. Her goal is to allow our live representatives more time to answer complicated questions and perform complex transactions.