P1FCU branch

Our Story

From Day One, we've been looking out for our members.

We have deep roots in the Pacific Northwest.

We've been part of the landscape since 1938 when 12 employees of Potlatch Forest Incorporated pooled their hard-earned money to provide loans and other financial services for those not served by the big banks of the day.

We started small, our first deposits were kept in a cigar box and conducted early transactions from a car trunk. We've continued to flourish through the years while our priorities, commitment, and ties to our thousands of members throughout Idaho, Oregon, and Washington communities have remained rock-solid.

We believe in hard work, sustainable growth, and the power of community. Stronger together, we are P1FCU.

For the People

Your voice counts. As a not-for-profit financial cooperative, we’re operated by a volunteer Board of Directors that has held over 1,000 monthly meetings since 1938. If you’re a P1FCU member, you get to vote for our leaders and help shape our policies.

Giving Back

We like getting involved. We give out scholarships to deserving students and provide financial support to community organizations. Our employees donate more than 5,500 volunteer hours annually to over 300 organizations and events.

Always Growing

We’re always looking to get bigger and better. We’ve gone from 353 members in 1938 to more than 100,000 today. We’ve outgrown that car trunk and now have more than thirty locations that serve 19 Idaho counties, eight Oregon counties, and the entire state of Washington.

Full Service

We’re all about convenience. We feature a wide range of checking accounts, savings tools, and affordable loans for individuals, families, and businesses. We have cutting-edge digital banking services that help members manage their money from anywhere. And we go above and beyond by offering insurance coverage and investment help.

And finally, we remain true to those roots. With everything we do, we continue our tradition of personal service and financial stability. We believe, just as our 12 hard-working founders did, that we’re all stronger when we pull together.

To be a catalyst in educating and empowering, one experience at a time.
Deliver experiences rooted in empowerment to inspire financial pacesetters. We link arms with our employees, members, and communities as a trusted, lifelong financial partner.
Credit unions are not-for-profit cooperatives formed by an organized group of people, owned by members, and operated by mostly volunteer boards. Credit union members pool their assets to provide loans and other financial services to each other.

Many other financial institutions are owned by outside stockholders, controlled by paid boards, and focused on turning profits. Because credit unions are not profit-driven, they pay dividends to their members (not shareholders) and offer them lower loan rates, higher savings rates and fewer service fees.
While the federal and state governments regulate credit unions, volunteer boards elected by their membership govern them. Credit unions don’t answer to stockholders, but to their members. The democratic process of members electing their volunteer board of directors is at the core of our member/owner tradition.

Board of Directors
Michelle Bly
Kym Clift
Tod Dickeson
Wanda Keefer
Brett Kinzer
Tara Leer
Kyle Morscheck
Tom Pfliger

Supervisory Committee
Tom Luper
Becky Sturmer
P1FCU was chartered over 80 years ago and has served communities with diverse backgrounds and beliefs for many years. We strive to serve our communities by supporting diverse initiatives and building an environment of equity and inclusion through a diverse workforce.

Our employees are the most important resource in our service commitment to the communities we serve. By applying the principles of trust, honesty, respect, integrity, and commitment, we nurture and maximize talent to the benefit of our team members, our credit union, and our communities. We are committed to recruiting, developing, promoting, and retaining the best and brightest employees from all walks of life and backgrounds as we strive to support diversity, equity, and inclusion in our communities.