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5 Things We Will Never Call and Ask You

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There have always been scammers hiding on the other end of the phone or behind a keyboard. We've all seen the spike in current telemarketing/fraudulent claims calls, and we're sure it's getting very frustrating. First and foremost, we want to help protect our members from these fraudsters. Let us help protect you against these scams and countless others by checking out some tips and tricks below.

One of the most critical things members can do in the society we live in today is we all need to be cautious when answering phone calls from unknown numbers, local businesses, and financial institutions. Scams these days can be very advanced, whether they disguise the phone number, create a situation to try and trick you into giving up personal information, or they are offering you something "too good to be true." These criminals do this every day, and they have become quite good at it. What should you do if you are in one of these situations? Be skeptical. If something is so important, they will call back or find another way to reach you. Another great way to prevent most scammers from stealing your info is not answering phone calls from numbers you don't recognize. By not answering these calls, you filter out scams that don't disguise their numbers. What should you do if you do get a call from "P1FCU?" While we may contact you regarding an account issue or ask about a particular card transaction, we will never contact you and ask you for the information below.

5 Things We Will Never Call and Ask You

Your card PIN Number
Your online banking Login and Password
Your Account's Secure Access Code
The CVV (3 digits) on the back of your card
Your complete account (MICR) number and personal information, like how long you've been a P1FCU member

If you get a call from a number disguising itself as P1FCU, and they ask for this information, hang up and reach out to us on one of our secure communication options. Secure communication options include Video Banking or you can call us at 208-746-8900.
This is for educational purposes only and not financial advice.