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Business Fee Schedule

Business Fee Schedule
Charges Connected with Checking Accounts
(Includes Money Market Account)
Overdraft Fee (Item Paid) $25.00
NSF Fee (Item Returned) $25.00
Stop payment order $20.00
Copies of checks (checks are not returned to you) $2.00
Automatic overdrafts transfers from any account to your checking account $2.00
Premium Business Checking $10 Per Month
Premium Business Checking Enhanced Online Banking $20 Per Month
No Fee Checking Deposit Fee $.20 per item over 50 deposit items per month 

Cash Management Fees
Online Wire Transfers
Wire Module $20.00
Domestic Outgoing $13.00
International Outgoing $30.00
Incoming Wire $10.00
Returned Wires $20.00
Remote Deposit Capture

Scanner Equipment Purchase Varies
Desktop RDC Module $20.00 
Desktop RDC Deposits Processed $0.30
Desktop RDC Items Processed $0.10
ACH Origination
ACH Module $20.00
Items Originated $0.12
Online Items Originated $0.12
Same Day ACH Items Originated $1.00
Notification of Change $2.00
Returned Item $5.00
Positive Pay
Check Positive Pay/Account $20.00
Positive Pay Item $0.08
Positive Pay Exception Item $0.50
ACH Filter $5.00
ACH Block $10.00
Deposit Product
Analyzed Business Checking $10.00

Other Fees
Other Fees Fee
Official Check $4.00
Deposited NSF (Return Item Fee) $10.00
Returned Mail $5.00
Garnishment $25.00
Inactive Account* $5.00
Statement Copy $2.00
Money Order $1.00
Non P1FCU ATM Fee $1.00
Counter Checks (per sheet of 4) $1.00
Fax Service (send or receive) $1.00 per page
Research/Balancing Fee $15/hour
Debit Card Replacement Fee $5.00
Debit Card Rush Order Fee $25.00
Shared Branching Returned Item Fee $25.00
Coin Exchange or Purchase Coin .05/roll
Cash Exchange or Purchase Coin .05/100
Canadian Check Transaction $5.00
Account Balancing $15/hour
Locked Zippered Deposit Bag $25
Zippered Deposit Bag $3.50
*An account is considered inactive once a member has not engaged in any transactions or correspondences with P1FCU for a duration of 365 consecutive days and possesses an aggregate balance below the threshold of $1000.
Effective 8/14/2023

Business Rate and Fee Schedule