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Side Hustle Summer

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With May nearly over, summer is rapidly approaching, and we all wish we had a few more dollars for a vacation, a new boat, an RV, or simply have some extra cash on hand. We have met people with some serious side hustles, and we would like to share some tips and tricks for that financially stable summer.

Although there may be many new ways to make money on the side, there will always be the tried and true lawn mowing and landscaping. This can be as simple as offering to mow your neighbors' yards or do some gardening! Whether you will use your equipment or purchase new stuff can make the difference between coming out on top of the bottom line.

Do you love dogs? If so, you're in luck! We have heard of multiple members using their walking talents to make some extra money. Offer to walk family's, friends, or neighbors dogs. We've even heard of people using the app Rover to find jobs.

Are you saving up for that late summer or winter vacation? Many save up during the year for a summer vacation, which is an excellent opportunity for you. If you are responsible and can handle daily chores like watering flowers, turning on lights, or watching pets, you can make some serious cash.

Have other great ideas on how to make some extra cash this summer? We want to hear all about them. We would love to pass on the information to next summer's side hustlers! One last piece of advice, make sure to keep your hard-earned money in your P1FCU account; it is insured by NCUA. As always, have a great summer in the great Pacific Northwest!

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This is for educational purposes only and not financial advice.