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Let's Do Some Spring Cleaning

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The spring is the time to get your home ready to go for the ever anticipated summer if you're in the market to sell or not. Doing things in March and April can limit your exposure to the hot weather and can help save you time and money! Whether you have a home or are just renting, keep reading for some tips for this spring and many years to come.

Do you have a yard? Spring is the perfect time to start preparing for hot weather and those nights out playing cornhole in the yard. What can you do to get that thick, luscious grass? After asking our team, the consensus is that you need to be careful using fertilizer. It can help your grass exponentially, but it can also give weeds the help they need to grow. The common thought is to remove poor soil, till it, and wait for slightly warmer days to seed it. Another trick is to get your yard started for the year is to mow, it can help stimulate the root system, therefore resulting in growth. If you plan to sell your home this spring or summer, a well-manicured lawn can spruce up your listing and curb appeal.

Are your gutters clean? You may have cleaned them in the fall when you did your final rake of the leaves, but throughout the winter, sticks and, yes, more leaves can build up. Gutters that are not properly maintained can cause detrimental damage to your home because they can prevent proper drainage of rain or early spring snowmelt, resulting in flooding. Gutters are one thing that inspectors and appraisers pay close attention to when visiting a home, so be sure to keep up on their maintenance each fall and spring.

When hearing about spring cleaning, we often think about the previous topics, outdoors stuff, but another tip is to use this time to take care of the inside of your home. Winter can be very hard on your home, whether it's the winter decor you need to put away, or it's as substantial as some major TLC. Carpet is one of those things that can take a significant beating during the winter. Whether you have kids that love sledding or a dog that loves running in the snow, it's not hard to bring the mess inside with you. No matter how hard you try to keep it contained on the tile or outside, a ball of snow or a bit of mud always makes it inside on the carpet. Shampooing each spring can limit long-term damage and give your house a much cleaner feel when selling in the future.

Selling a home can sometimes be challenging, it can take a lot of work. Cleaning each spring can make selling much easier no matter what time of the year you plan to sell. If you're not planning to sell, what's better than having a clean home and a nice yard? Not many things. Ready to get your spring cleaning on in a new home? Let's see what we can do, apply today here.

This is for educational purposes only and not financial advice.