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Is the Tiny Home Lifestyle What You're Looking For?

tiny home

Do you ever find yourself looking for a simpler way to live your life? A tiny home might be the solution you're looking for. Tiny homes are a phenomena growing in popularity as people look for ways to embrace minimalism and save money.

So, what is a tiny home? Well, in the simplest terms, they're a very small house. Some tiny home enthusiasts like to specify that tiny homes are smaller than 600 square feet, but there is no exact definition. For many, tiny living takes a lot of stress out of homeownership. Since the building itself isn't as large, there isn't as much necessary upkeep. Having a smaller space also means less room to heat and cool, saving you money on your energy bills. Furthermore, owning a tiny home means you don't have nearly as much room for stuff that you don’t necessarily need to spend your money on. Less room means less furniture you need to purchase, and less spaces to store what you don’t need. Tiny living forces you to reevaluate what you really need.

As you explore tiny homes, you'll find that they come in many shapes and sizes. Some people look to small trailers for their tiny home solutions, while others build their tiny homes on foundations. Some tiny homes even have basements. Just like any other home, your tiny home built on a foundation will need to meet your local zoning requirements. Usually, these requirements include having water available or on-site, access to power, and a sewer connection or septic system.

What do you think? Is a tiny home right for you? If now is the time for you to start exploring your financing options for tiny homes, our experienced mortgage team can help get you started. We can help finance tiny homes built on a foundation and classified real property. Get started on your tiny home journey today.

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