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Account Alerts

Something happening with your money? You'll know right away.

Go about your business. We've got you covered.

Your P1FCU accounts are important to you. But so are dozens of other things in your life. It's nice to know you can tend to everything else without having to focus on your finances. If your balance runs low, a big transaction takes place, or some other important activity occurs, we'll let you know right away with a text* or an email.

  • To enroll in our Alert system simply login to Online Banking and select
  • Statements/Alerts under the Transactions Menu.
  • Choose the type of alerts you wish to receive.
  • Choose text* or email notifications.
  • Receive updates within minutes.

General Alerts

  • Automatic deposit
  • Automatic withdrawal
  • Non-sufficient funds
  • Courtesy Pay
  • Debit Mastercard/ATM transactions
  • Daily account balance

Account Specific Alerts

  • Balance above or below a threshold
  • Checks cleared
  • Loan payment due
  • Certificate maturity date

Informational Alerts

  • Critical alerts
  • Fraud alerts
  • System outage alerts
  • Credit union events
  • Holiday hours
  • Newsletter
  • Promotions
*Text and data rates may apply from your service provider.