Money Manager

We want to help you achieve your financial goals. With P1FCU Money Manager, available with our Preferred and PowerPlus checking accounts, you have the ability to do just that.  You will get a full view of your financial situation every time you log into home banking.  You can check your budget to make sure you are on track or import all of your accounts across multiple financial institutions and view all of your balances and transactions in one place. 

The features of P1FCU Money Manager include:

(The P1FCU Money Manager tool is available with our Preferred and PowerPlus checking accounts. CLICK to find out what else these accounts have to offer.)

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  • Account Aggregation  

    Aggregate all of your accounts for an at a glance view of your financial picture every time you log into home banking.  You can add all of your other Financial Institution accounts for a at a glance view of your finances in one place. 

    1. Select the Link Account or the Link icon
    2. When the link account window appears, select your financial institution by either:
      • Clicking or tapping an Financial Institution name or logo or
      • Typing a Financial institution name in the search box.
    3. Provide credentials to log into the other Financial Institutions Online Banking system.
      • If the other Financial Institution requires multi-factor authentication (MFA), you'll be prompted for additional information such as an answer to a challenge question or secure access code.
    4. Select a display option (visible or hidden) next to each account and select Continue
    5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 to continue to add additional accounts.
      • After accounts are linked, they appear in a Linked Accounts group in your account overview page.

    For full step by step instructions with screenshots: CLICK HERE

  • Transaction Categorization  

    We will help you manage your finances by presenting information in ways that identify trends and assist with tracking of your budgets.  Transactions are auto categorized, and online descriptions are simplified to make it easier to read.  Quickly change a category or split a transaction.

    1. In transaction history expand the transaction.
    2. Select the pencil icon under Category.
    3. Select a new Category from the menu on the right.
      • Expand the Category menu to select a Sub-Category or add a Sub-Category.
    4. To split a transaction select Split in the upper right corner of the categorization menu.
    5. Enter in the amount that needs to be in a separate category.
    6. Select the Category icon and repeat step 2.

    For full step by step instructions with screenshots: CLICK HERE

  • Data Visualization  

    Get an interactive view of your financial data by selecting one of the following widgets.

    Net Worth - See your net worth over time.  Drill down in each category to see how certain transactions affect your net worth.  (Net worth projections may not display correctly at this time, we are currently working with our provider for a solution)

    Budget Create categories of expected spending and track progress towards those categories each month.  Know when you are getting close to your expected spending and track your progress each month.  You can make your own budget or let the system help you get started by creating a budget that you can edit to meet your needs.

    Spending - Get a visualization of your spending over a defined date range.  Transactions are categorized based on the same categories used in the Budget widget. 

    Trends - Get a visualization of your spending over time.  You can drill into subcategories to see the transaction details.  Track amount of spending compared to you income for a specified date range. 

    Debts - Set financial goals by viewing all of your debts at a glance.  Project payoff dates based on the Balance, APR and payment amount.  Calculate how making additional payments can impact your debt over time. 

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