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Banzai is a real-world financial literacy program designed with a teacher’s classroom in mind. Banzai is free to teachers and students to help them tackle real-life problems with life scenarios. 

Program curriculum includes elementary and secondary content.  You pick the content level when you enroll below.

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Not a teacher but looking for financial literacy tools for personal use?

Visit our Financial Literacy eTools page for links to our online resources ranging from budgeting and investing to consumer protection.

Financial Literacy eTools

Thank you so much for sponsoring us.  This fit in perfectly as a practical hands-on application for my personal finance class.
I've taught with this program last year but I thought I would try it again with its changes. It was greatly received by my students even though they had gone through it before. Thanks again for providing such a rich resource. And one of my students actually has an account at P1FCU! Thanks again for offering this great program to students at Moscow High School!