Banzai for Remote Learning!

P1FCU understands the challenges teachers are facing in these unprecedented and uncertain times as they move to online distance learning . We want to help! For over six years P1FCU has sponsored Banzai, an online financial literacy teaching tool, making it free to local teachers!  Banzai is interactive and fun and fully web-based so it can be accessed on any type of device making an ideal part of today's learning climate.

Whether you teach high school, junior high, or elementary aged students, Banzai lets you choose the difficulty level. And if you want them to level up, there's even an advanced course. 

Banzai requires no lesson planning and lets you see their progress. The grading system makes it easy to organize multiple classes, assess your students' knowledge, and read their feedback.

 Sign up at:

 P1FCU also offers Banzai Direct which can be used by anyone on any device whether you are distance learning or just want some help with managing your finances.  Banzai Direct offers the same courses, libraries, and calculators but does not require classroom codes to access. 

Take these steps to make the most of your time teaching remotely:

  1. Don’t forget the interactive library! This is a huge resource with 70 financial articles, 20 financial calculators, and there are a lot of ways you can teach with the library. Some of the Teen and Plus workbook activities already integrate this library.
  2. Junior, Teen, and Plus are recommended but not restricted to their designated age groups. If your students did well at Junior or Teen and need an extra challenge, have them advance to Plus!
  3. All three courses above have unpredictable outcomes, which gives them a lot of replay value. If your students playing Plus saved enough to buy one of the less-expensive houses, have them play again and go for a bigger prize! (Hint: Extra credit will help with that.)
  4. The workbooks that complement each course have their own PDF versions online that can be printed out any time! (Junior Activity Kit, Teen Workbook, Plus Workbook).

We applaud your efforts to bring financial literacy to this upcoming generation. We hope you know Banzai will always provide you with free, quality, personal finance curriculum — whatever the circumstances.

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