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Are Free Accounts Better?

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Growing up, all of us were all told, SAVE SAVE SAVE! Fortunately, that is still the case for me. Whether I am saving up for a new home, college, or retirement, my day-to-day savings made a huge difference. Where I keep my savings has also been crucial in effectively saving money, interest has been and always will be the key. Whether you have it in a regular savings account, money market account, or an IRA, you make passive income. When I start my savings plans, it has been huge to sit and look at my budget and decide what can be classified as a necessity or not. As I know from working at P1FCU and personal experience, choosing financial institutions and the accounts they offer can be challenging, especially when you see a fee on the most beneficial account. Often this causes people to dismiss them immediately. I am here to teach you how to most effectively use this account to minimize the expense or more than likely make money by the end of each month.

Many great perks come with the $4.99 Preferred Debit Account, CardCash, BaZing Deals, Roadside Assistance, Cell Phone Protection, and Identity Theft Aid. There are situations in life that we often don't see coming, like having a flat tire or breaking your brand-new phone. Fortunately, if you have your preferred debit account, you can solve those issues in the palm of your hand using your P1FCU Perks App.

Have you ever been stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire? I have, unfortunately. Thankfully, all I had to do was open my P1FCU Perks App and call the number. There is often someone there to help in 15 minutes, and that number was not exaggerated, in my case. That alone makes the 4.99 per month worth it, right?

If I haven't convinced you yet, here's the coolest feature of the account, Cell Phone Protection. When it comes to phones, we all love to have the latest and greatest. Why let it go unprotected? With your perks, you are covered for up to $400 of accidental damage twice per year. It sounds like this account is the most extraordinary phone case ever made.

Lastly, I've already established we like to save money, right? I especially want to save money at restaurants and local businesses. How many times a week do you eat at your favorite taco place? Where I am from, we save 10% on each purchase. Let's say we eat there at least once a week for a month at $6 per meal. That alone saves you $2.40. With all the other coupons on there, you can easily overcome the $4.99 with coupons alone.

I often speak with family and friends who aren't members of P1FCU because they aren't from here or are affiliated with other financial institutions, and they always ask me what's great about banking with P1FCU. Disclaimer, I don't say this just because I work here, but I really think our accounts and their perks are unique and set us apart from our competition. They always say, wow, how much does that cost per month? I always say, "Not as much as it should," and I say that because I consistently make well over $4.99 per month, just for using these perks. So, if you want to save some money and reap the rewards of our Preferred Debit Account, sign up or change your account today!

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